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Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

Why choose Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

Hello everybody, today I want to share with you about Canon EOS 6D Mark II, what we are offering to 2019 manufacturers from Canon. The canons come with a new design, a waterproof body, and new technology.

I want to give you some reasons why to choose this camera. This camera is very used by vloggers, these tips I want to share with you will be of benefit to beginners but also to those who want to change their camera.

In the first part, we will talk about what this camera gives us, it gives us good quality in Full Frame Sensor that does very well in low light.the device menu is very easy to learn and has a touch screen.

What I really like about this device is water resistance, and if you want to use this camera under extreme weather conditions it will work perfectly. Has a very shock-resistant body.

My next tips for this device, ” Best lens for DSLR video ” I recommend using 24-105 mm lenses for this camera, which I think are the only ones that offer full frame in Canon production, with these lenses you can use zooming much larger with very precise acuity.

Last but not least, what this camera gives us is the precision of the stabilization image if you use 24-105 mm lenses, except that you can easily activate them with the ON / OFF button.

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